Note that we don't actually sell the CDs below. Many of them were recorded twenty years ago before CDs were invented. Please purchase where indicated. MP3 files are added sporadically. We are not opposed to the free downloading and distribution of our songs but they are still copyrighted so don't try anything sneaky. Tracks on compilation albums are not included except the shameless plug for the Beyond the Sea compilation which you should purchase immediately. All recordings feature yours truly in some kind of musical capacity and all feature Lemonworld artwork except the first three Chrysanthemums ones and the Cordelia releases. Check our news page for latest snippets of irreverent information.

"The World is a Blue Orange That Produces Sound" (2006)
Curiously eccentric pop.
Coming soon
Big Moose Records.

Monkey Versus Robot
"Ping Island Voodoo" (2006)

An entire albums of gloriously low budget surf instrumental exotica pop.
MP3 Download - Third Man Theme
Coming soon
Big Moose Records.

Monkey Versus Robot
"Theme from SpongeBob SquarePants" (2005)

A track on Beyond The Sea a surf instrumental compilation of unlikely cover versions.
MP3 Download - SpongeBob SquarePants

Cordelia Records.

"Frijolero" (2005)
The definitive and complete Honduras recordings.
Coming soon.
Big Moose Records.

"Fancho Mucho " (2002)
Variety of home recordings spanning twenty years from 1982-2002. Including some Tropicola and Flip Flop Bamboo stuff.
MP3 Download - Flight of the Fruitbat
MP3 Download - Skittle Ditty
Big Moose Records.
Limited release only.

"Kangaroo Boomerang" (2001)
No digeridoo but plenty of ukuleles and flutey pipes.
MP3 Download - Test Tube Man
Available here

"1001 Songs From Kalamazoo to Timbuktu" (1998)
A CD with 1001 (very short) songs, ads, samples and sound effects. Years in the making and finally available for free download.
MP3 Download - Tracks 1 - 100
MP3 Download - Tracks 101-200
MP3 Download - Tracks 201-300
MP3 Download - Tracks 301-400  
MP3 Download - Tracks 401-500
MP3 Download - Tracks 501-600
MP3 Download - Tracks 601-700
MP3 Download - Tracks 701-800
MP3 Download - Tracks 801-900
MP3 Download - Tracks 901-1001

Being re-released soon in Germany.

Flip Flop Bamboo
"Viva Happiness" (1999)
World music meets Pee Wee Herman.
MP3 Download - Cowboy Hank
Mucha Lucha Music
Out of stock. Back soon.

Stinky & Dinky
"Rocket Reader " (1998)
Music from a computer game.
MP3 Download - Inky the Black Cat
Available here

Jackalope Telescope
"Nudes Run Over by the Cubist Express" (1998)
Absurdist surrealist bubblegum pop music CD single.
Tsetse Fly Records.
Limited edition release only.

Hot Dots
"Big Boot Dance" (1996)
A CD single of pseudo vintage Hawaiian tiki latino vocal old timey harmony music.
Bongolandia Records
No longer available.

"Kid Chocolate Versus Bongo Joe" (1995)
Spy-jazz exotica loungecore influenced electropop stuff and unusual cover versions.
MP3 Download - Einstein A Go-Go
MP3 Download - Da Da Da
MP3 Download - O Superman
MP3 Download - Mix the Dog
Big Moose Records.
Limited release.

"Black Mambo" (1994)
Exotica loungecore Latino influenced electropop stuff in Spanish.
MP3 Download - Radioactive Chicken Scratch
Big Moose Records.
Promo CD only

Yummy Fur
"Pyramid Sessions " (1993)
So named "Space-Age Cheesy Spy Jazzy Pop Music".
MP3 Download - Pink Plastic Smile
MP3 Download - Evil Plan Z Theme
MP3 Download - Round & Round
MP3 Download - Midnight Fur Theme
Big Moose Records.
No longer available.

Planet Cheese
"Microscopic Radios" (1992)
Slightly embarrassing early nineties pop music.
MP3 Download - Falling Over You
MP3 Download - The Dog Who Wasn't There
Big Moose Records.
No longer available.

"Bug-Eyed Monsters From Outer Space" (1991)
Twenty-five studio recording of "different" versions of TV theme tunes. Also released on LP as "Tee Vee El Pee"
MP3 Download - Pink Panther Theme
MP3 Download - Munsters Theme
MP3 Download - Twin Peaks
MP3 Download - Big Night Out / Man With the Stick
No longer available.

"Live at the Melkweg" (1992)
Live set recorded in Amsterdam.
MP3 Download - Spacecake Theme (live)
MP3 Download - Sesame Street (live)
MP3 Download - Joe 90 (live)
MP3 Download - The Flintstones (live)
MP3 Download - Inspector Cluseau (live)
MP3 Download - Neighbours (live)
Popsicle Records.
No longer available.

The Creams
"Pluto" (1992)
I don't remember if I'm on this one or not but I definitely did the cover.
Cordelia Records.
Available here

"Two Thirty-Gallon Drums of Banana Purée" (1992)
A live recording from the 1990 Germany tour.
Jarmusic (Germany). LP only.
Available here

"Insect Insect" (1991)
A totally different live recording from the same 1990 Germany tour.
MP3 Download - Toasters From Outer Space (live)
MP3 Download - Electrons Will (live)
MP3 Download - Rainy Sunday Saints (live)
Hamster Records. CD Only.
Available here

"XXXX Sessions" (1990)
As played on John Peel.
Eggplant Records.
Available here

"Odessey and Oracle" (1990)
This is a cover version of a whole album by The Zombies, which is also a lost psychedelic classic.
Eggplant Records.
Available here

"Is That a Fish on your Shoulder or are you just pleased to see me?" (1989)
First Chrysanthemums album featuring Vladimir from Loch Ness Monster and Yukio Yung from Push Button Pleasure.
MP3 Download - Er
Eggplant Records.
Available here

Jody & the Creams
"Lords of the Gromet Canning Factory" (1990)
Another album with Alan Jenkins from the Deep Freeze Mice and Blodwyn P. Teabag from Wales.
Cordelia Records.
Available here

Jody & the Creams
"A Big Dog.n" (1990)
An album with Alan Jenkins from the Deep Freeze Mice and Blodwyn P. Teabag from Wales.
MP3 Download - Margery is Dead
Cordelia Records.
Available here

Jesus Couldn't Drum
"In Concerto - Live in Montegalda (Vicenza) Italy" (1987)
MP3 Download - Jesus Couldn't Drum Theme Song
Particolaire Music (Italy)
Maybe still available but I don't have any.

Jesus Couldn't Drum
"Rutling Orange Peel & Blind Lemon Pie" (1986)
Final JCD studio album with rare tracks and B-sides.
MP3 Download - Beat The Dog
MP3 Download - Suzie
MP3 Download - Sister Dream
MP3 Download - Fireball XL-5
Lost Moment Records.
No longer available.

Jesus Couldn't Drum
"Good Morning Mr. Square" (1985)
Features Lester Square of The Monochrome Set. Includes free comic.
MP3 Download - Paper Boats in Puddles
MP3 Download - Caught In A Dream
MP3 Download - Li-Dice
MP3 Download - Alphabet Song
MP3 Download - Sunshine & Slumber

No longer available.

Jesus Couldn't Drum
"Er Something About Cows" (1984)
First JCD LP with free flexi-disk.
MP3 Download - Seagull Song
MP3 Download - This is Fun
MP3 Download - Talking to the Birds
MP3 Download - Tedium of Lettuce
MP3 Download - Untimely Demise of Zog the Duck
MP3 Download - Beetlebum
MP3 Download - Orange Leaves  
MP3 Download - Wooden Chicken
MP3 Download - Are You Laughing At Me?

Lost Moment Records.
No longer available.

Jesus Couldn't Drum
"I'm a Train" (1986)
Third and final JCD single.
MP3 Download - I'm A Train
MP3 Download - Steve...Don't Leave
Lost Moment Records.
No longer available.

Jesus Couldn't Drum
"Autumn Leaves EP" (1985)
5-track EP.
MP3 Download - Evening in July
MP3 Download - Rain
Lost Moment Records.
Thankfully no longer available.

Jesus Couldn't Drum
"Even Roses Have Thorns" (1984)
First JCD single
MP3 Download - Even Roses Have Thorns
Lost Moment Records.
Long deleted and forgotten.


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